WLIFW A/W 2011: Day Two (Part Deux!)

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The theme of Rahul Singh’s collection, Sea of Science, was made evident by the use of only blue and white as the color scheme. But, the designer didn’t let the two colors at hand limit the possibilities. There were plenty of tunics, dresses and separates presented in chiffon and satin.

Rahul Singh, WLIFW Autumn/Winter 2011

Saaj By Ankita’s collection was a tribute to Ladakh. While the craftwork may have been more Ladakh oriented, we saw a lot of traditional dance costume influences in the collection with the fan-shaped pleats and the use of bordered fabrics appearing in multiple outfits. Would be really interested in seeing someone wear one these off the runway.

Saaj By Ankita, WLIFW Autumn/Winter 2011

Sonia Jetleey’s collection Pot Pourri started with a model wearing a “Baroque is in style” tee. What followed were long skirts, jodhpur pants, kaftans, tunics and even a sari with baroque motifs. Also part of the collection were vegetable tanned handbags and boots. With the added ombre-effect, some of the outfits felt too busy.

Sonia Jetleey, WLIFW Autumn/Winter 2011

Rajdeep Ranawat & Naresh Chauhan’s label Zurhke was heavy on floral digital prints featuring in tunics, dresses and kaftans. There was also heavy use of embroidery but the most striking piece was the coat presented at the end (below right).

Zurhke by Rajdeep Ranawat & Naresh Chauhan , WLIFW Autumn/Winter 2011

Moulin Rouge was the theme of Preeti Chandra’s collection that consisted of voluminous skirts, one-shoulder dresses and gowns and jumpsuits with trains. There was a bit of old world glamor infused in the collection by way of long gloves, tiaras and lace but one could not help but see a lot of borrowed ideas, especially in the white gown that was very reminiscent of Dolce & Gabbana.

Preeti Chandra, WLIFW Autumn/Winter 2011

Simple shift dresses made interesting by way of quilting, floral embellishment and color-mixing marked Zubair Kirmani’s collection. In keeping with the winter theme, black was the base color used through-out.

Zubair Kirmani, WLIFW Autumn/Winter 2011

Label’s autumn/winter collection continued to present what the design house is best known for. There was traditional jacquards, woolen blends, silk lycra and jerseys with block prints and eombroidery.

Label by Ritu Kumar, WLIFW Autumn/Winter 2011

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I have been reading all your posts first thing in the morning for some time now and have noticed a certain trend in the critique you make about any western outfit-mostly gowns designed by any Indian designer.
    They either read or mean – copied or inspired or ghastly unoriginal.
    I mean not all designers would like to make or experiment like Victor n Rolf and would prefer making commercially successful products where exploitation of silhouette and pattern is less which might lead to similar looking products.But then this should not be the reason to treatise a designers creativity.Points like fabric choice,design element or even the treatment done on the fabric should also be reasons for a designers assessment.

  2. Row 2 – # 2 from left
    Row 4- #2 from left
    Last row- #4 from left

    Standout cute dresses! NOW if only I had the legs (and body ehehehee) and moolah to afford them ;)


  3. I understand that day 2 was all about newbies foraying themselves into the business and trying their best to leave a mark in the marque,but their collection had nothing remotely connected to the A/W season…
    The best from the above is obviously Zubair Kirmani..<3 <3 love the shirt in the last picture.
    The second look in the pictures above by Sonia Jeetly is just wonderful…
    Newbie Saaj by Ankita does seem to have worked hard on the construction,but comes across as de-flaterring and and there seems to be too much going on.


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