In Ashley Rebello

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Wearing a black Ashley Rebello gown, Akshara picked up an award at the Asiavision Awards in Dubai on Thursday. At first glance, I wasn’t quite a fan of the ruffled top but the more I look, the less I mind it.

It also helped that picked jewellery that wasn’t too eye-catching.


Akshara Haasan at Asiavision Awards 2015

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  1. I don’t find her as stunning and gorgeous as others seem to. Having said that, I do think she has an interesting, unconventional, quirky appeal. The ruffled top & the neck are the only things i like about this dress

  2. She doesn’t look 24 at all (if Google is not wrong), rather more like 14 or 15. I’m not personally a fan of her looks or personality (don’t dislike her either), but she does have her style and her looks don’t seem forced.

  3. Very clever gown- and a great look. Not sure how this newbie has impressed anyone with acting chops- but awards are a dime a dozen these days apparently. Good look all the same.


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