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More print ads by a real estate company featuring Aishwarya were unveiled over the past week with the actor wearing a Nupur Kanoi maxi, another Gauri and Nainika and a Notte By Marchesa gown.

Any particular one stand out for you?

P.S. Catch Pallavi wear the red GN to the Filmfares here.

P.P.S. Aastha Sharma who styled Aishwarya for the print campaigns is also styling her for Jazbaa.


Aishwarya Rai for Park Lodha


Aishwarya Rai For Park Lodha

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  1. Wow! Right Otta fairy tale! Aishwarya.. Looks like a dream. Live ur dream girl . Many indian gals can only look at pics like these . U r blessed.

  2. Whose super-slim body and the skyrocketing elongated height is it anyway,especially in red gown?(must have worn 10″heels)The wonders photography and photo- shopping can do.It’s more a vision of beauty in photography and drifting away from reality.

  3. Good grief, enough with the stupid Photoshop comments.
    All advertising and print photos are edited (photoshopped) for everyone and everything – even photos of fruit are edited.

    Aishwarya looks great and we finally get to see her wearing different gowns.

  4. Lovely gowns, gorgeous face of course. But the photoshopping is weird…third pic in Marchesca gown, her hand holding the swing (rope) looks elongated…and longer than the hand on her lap! And yes i agree that photoshopping is necessary but not to the extent of disfiguring body parts!!

  5. Such a pretty face ruined by photoshop…. Looks pale and unwell in the third pic on the swing.
    Gowns or the pose or the make up, simply nothing is appealing


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