Doing Denim

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While stepping out of her hotel, Aishwarya was spotted wearing a Versace double breasted blazer with denims, a white Dior Diorama bag and ankle-strap sandals.

Wish we had a front profile pic of her.

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  1. I know this isn’t fashion-related and I’m talking about a child (so feel free to not approve this comment), but I feel compelled to say I love how friendly the little one is! She waves and smiles and is the picture of innocence. ?

  2. Aishwarya looks great BUT she really needs to lose this radhe ma hairstyle.
    The same look with natural, loose hair would look so fresh and youthful!

  3. When you (or atleast I) see her, you (again, I atleast) find everyone else quite oh-so-average looking!!
    P.S.- Eveyone else here includes only celebrities we see on screen. Not taking into account women across the world so no bashing/trolling pls! :D

  4. She’s gorgeous, but really needs to soften her hair. A different color than absolutely jet black, softer waves instead of poker straight hair – all of these would lead to a better version of her


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