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For her shoot in Verve, Aishwarya chose an ultra feminine pale pink Shahab Durazi gown that we first saw on Sonali (in a slightly different version) at the premiere of ‘Drona’! Both these ladies wear this gown exceedingly well. Having seen this shoot we can’t help but be even more disappointed at Aishwarya’s latest appearance! (If only she had chosen one of these dresses versus that “frock”!!)

You can see full length picture of the gown Here!

Go Here for her interview and more pictures!


Left: Aishwarya Rai For Verve, June 09
Right: Sonali Bendre At ‘Drona’ Premiere, Oct 08

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I am not an Aishwarya fan but I have to say she looks amazing. Just tired of seeing her boobs hanging out all the time. Other than that, she looks gorgeous.

  2. Not liking these pictures at all. There’s some extreme photoshopping here. I don’t like Ash’s expressions either. She looks evil!

  3. She looks lovely in the photoshoot unfortunately she hasn’t looked like that in reality for at least hmmm lets see 10 years… she is a beautiful woman but they have photoshopped the hell outta of her face on that shoot.

  4. What is with the comments about photoshopped? Obviously all magazine pictures are photoshopped.

    Aishwarya looked stunning at Cannes in her candid pictures too and those were not photoshopped.

  5. Ash looks amazing. She actually does take amazing pictures, her expressions are always captivating. I wish she did more photoshoots. I have to add, OF COURSE they are photoshopped, but I don’t think they have been photoshopped to a GREAT extent, as Ash has a very characteristic and recognizable face.

  6. havent you guys seen jodha akbar and seen how gorgeous she looks on film, enough of this photoshopping comments. every photo shoot is photosphopped so why single her out?

  7. Wow Sonali has made a drastic change to her hair. I think it suits her (but her old hairstyle was stunning to).
    From what I can see Sonali looks fab in the dress. & the earrings go great with the look.

  8. Guys. I really don’t understand what is with the photoshopping comments for Aishwarya. Have you not seen her candid shots? Her face is the same they have not changed a single feature. Anyways YES of course it is photoshopped just like every other celebrity and magazine picture in the world, but they have not morphed her features at all. I guess she should take it as a compliment because clearly she looks perfect!

  9. to all who said the pictures have been photoshopped…hulllo this is aishwarya rai we are talking about, with a face as perfect as hers, how much can it be photoshopped??? a line removed here and there.. that’s about it!!! get over the jealousy already… we all wish we could be aishwarya!


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