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White shirt, denims and brown peep-toe pumps would normally be a hit with us, except the only reason we aren’t quite liking this look is because Ash’s shirt is rather sloppy.

But, her casual outfit wasn’t as bad compared to hubby dearest. A black motorcycle jacket with black dressy pants and a black vest?!?

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Abhishek and Aishwarya at Dabboo Ratnani 2011 Calendar Launch

Aishwarya at Dabboo Ratnani 2011 Calendar Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Abhishek has always been a fashion disaster. Velvet suits, jackets and now on to biker zipped up jacket with dress pants? This is a Wthey. Aish looks nice.

  2. Ridiculouso! I haven’t commented on HHC in a while but this look of Junior B had me screaming for sanity. I had to break my silence…hahahaha!!! What a hilarious ensemble…. he has really taken his flops to heart, i can see the man is upset :))))))) Thanks for the laugh AB’s Baby.

  3. I can’t even fully admire Ash’s beauty with him standing next to her looking so clowny. He needs some serious fashion intervention.

    • Maybe thatz d point!!! Methinks AB’s baby dresses up clowny to ensure that eyes are averted form Ash’s beauty *wink wink*
      You may have hit right on the nail Amber…

  4. Ash looks very good. Nice pair of denims.. nice shoes, lovely earrings, ok top, gorgeous face! 8/10 look.

    Abhishek looks plain ugly! Ugh. 3/10.

    • Isit that cold in India to wear lather jacket.?
      Also this people travel round the world with so much access to fashion and can’t get it right. I guess with money you can’t buy taste. This two are always makeing fool of themself.
      I don’t why Ash have to wear pop socks?
      Ash you are definaltely not worth it?

  5. there is no baby bump- she was dancng just yesterday at the award function
    this is just atrocious wardrobe- horrid fashion sense and plz tie up that hair which has a life of its own

    i dont even have an excuse for her hubby- dress pants and then the jacket- zipped up to fully show the paunch….jeans would have looked better with this jacket..maybe a hgh neck too… these two really not have a mirror either?

  6. Yeah, they both look bad. Surprise.
    My issue here is this – what is Ash doing that she looks about 15 YEARS OLDER THAN SHE REALLY IS? It’s not just her penchant for frumpiness, is it? WHY DOES SHE NOT GET A STYLIST???
    Sorry, I got carried away there, but Ash is veering fast in to Real Housewives territory.

  7. i’m trying to figure out her so-called ‘shirt’, not able to. can someone tell me what exactly it is?? and look at the last pic for a couple of seconds: she looks scarily glassy-eyed and vacant. wayy too much foundation i think. still hating the brown hair too.

    for those who think im nitpicky: if she/her PR promotes her(self) as ‘the most beautiful woman in the world’. she’d better damn well live up to it coz it’s her JOB. she’s known for her face, not her artistic merits.


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