On The Ramp: Ritu Beri

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While she lost a whole lot of points for making Mr. Deol walk the runway, Ritu Beri gained a lot by sending out her niece dressed in a miniature piece of the showstopper gown modeled by Jesse Randhawa. Now, that was an aww moment. The former, not at all. As a celeb, if you are gonna walk for a designer (no matter how much I may adore you), I would still like to see you wear something by the designer.


Abhay Deol with Ritu Beri at WLIFW


Ritu Beri, Spring 2010

Photo Credit: Daylife

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  1. AHAHAHAHAHA HOW CUTE!!!!!! I love babies (and yes, I do consider the word baby to emcompass any child under 10)
    why would you EVER need an actor when you have THAT.
    I like the hat on the model.

  2. i like abhay as an actor because he is natural but he is so not cut out for this fashion stuff.. in this picture he looks like a bit feminine actually

  3. How adorable. love the little one’s pose. :D Except the dimples nothing is working on Abhay. Anyway least with clothes on..his chewie self doesn’t put me off.;)

  4. abhay… abhay… abhay… dimples can carry off a bad outfit.. but tht bowler hat?!? not soo much! come on.. why waste a gorgeous face and spunky attitude! disappointing :(

    and her niece.. awww!!! fashionista! in a few years.. HHC will be doing a piece on her and it’ll be like.. “remember when?!” lol

  5. I agree with everyone who’s gushing at the little girl. Adorable! I don’t know why designers need these actors to be their “showstoppers”.

  6. Ritu Beri is one seriously hot girl herself and the boots look fierce on her. it’s true that abhay’s dimples have brought him a long way!


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