A Drastic Improvement!

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Has the “I don’t give a damn” Kajol been reading the papers lately? She received a lot of flak for her poor outfit choices at her recent public appearances, and now has decided to step it up!

And what a step! The lady looks great in the white pants, something a lot of people shy away from since it doesn’t hide the curves too well!

I just hope that this lasts! And, I also hope that I don’t see mismatched or revealing innerwear under these whites.

At Radio One

At Toonpur Ka Superhero Launch


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  1. Still don’t like her choice of outfit, but does she looks better than before. She’s gorgeous from neck up, but well, thats it.

  2. What’s with the shiny blue top though? It looks like it’s made of some cheap synthetic material…And the shoes are positively ugly.Not liking the threadbare white top either. But you’re right, it;s still an improvement

  3. Kajol still needs Improvement in the fashion department.

    hey payal priya, maybe she read this BLOG and read our previous comments eh? :)


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