5 Reasons Why I Have A Style Crush On Twinkle Khanna

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Full disclosure: Twinkle Khanna is my style spirit animal!

She refuses to wear uncomfortable shoes
You know how when someone walks into a room and you know what shoe she is wearing just by looking at the grimace on their face? I used to be that person but then I turned 30 and decided the pain wasn’t worth it. I started wearing ‘sensible’ heels and feel unexplained joy when others do too. Twinkle does wear the occasional statement sky-high heel (but those also come with a platform and/or ankle strap) but by and large, this is the list of shoes she has on recent rotation: Leopard print flats, statement sneakers and her trusted army of peep-toe wedges — a pair each in black and peep-toe (both low heel) and a few pairs in classic metallics (these have a higher heel and are reserved mostly for evenings and red carpets).
PS: I believe she has a sensitive ankle but something tells me even if she didn’t, she would never give in to uncomfortable shoes.

She knows how to do her own hair
I know, right? Even I didn’t know until last week when I was researching this piece. Apparently Twinkle always does her own hair because often when a salon does it, she is just not happy. I completely get it. I almost always like my hair more when I do it. And when I say it ‘do’ it, I mean impatiently blow dry for five-six minutes and let the air gods work their magic for the rest of the day.

She ditches a gown for her failsafe fashion formulas
After spending considerable time in our archives, I came to the conclusion that Twinkle has three go-to fashion formulas:
• A bright shift/effortless shirtdress for daytime events, lunches and launches.
• An Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla that stands out in a sea of gowns on the red carpet.
• Denim with easy tops or button-downs for book readings, airports and everything in between. These looks are either finished off with a casual front tuck or layered with a statement third piece (it could be anything from a printed jacket to a stop-and-stare necklace or both).
What I love most about her style is that it’s signature without the slightest hint of déjà vu. I don’t know she does it but I do want to know!
PS: About two years ago, Twinkle posted this vacation picture. I took mental notes and came up with this. (Any similarity is purely non-coincidental!)

She has the best accessory collection in the biz
Twinkle knows how to perfectly punctuate her outfits. Her classic collection of Hermes, Chanel and Goyard, signature Bvlgari serpenti watch and her love for contemporary statement necklaces and box clutches… And she knows exactly when to pull out her Manish Arora x Amrapali panther ring.

And she wore this to the national award.
Sari, gajra, jhumkas. Enough. Said.  

Twinkle Khanna

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • Though I’ve noticed that the AJSK pieces she chooses are still the classiest of them all. No bling overdose or hideous colors. I love their pastel chikan suits on her and Suzanne.

  1. I echo writer’s thoughts. Twinkle keeps it classy n clean, plus dresses up as per her age! I also agree with what author has written about turning 30 n how pain wasn’t worth it. Though, I wear stilettos, they have never been more than 3.5 inches! Turning 30 makes you lot more wiser n more comfortable with your real self!!

      • Big lol..n soo true! I always feel when a person tries too hard to look young, he/she ends up looking older than his/her real age but when a person wear clothes according to one’s age, he/she looks chic, crip n more youthful! I am 31 n can not imagine myself in teen wear or even clothes meant for 20-something. Don’t understand how women in in their 50’s n even 60’s end up wearing clothes meant for younger people. Confidence?? Or perhaps, overconfidence or misconception!!

        • It is lack of confidence and insecurity of getting old. But they shine when aging gracefully and accepting your age with grace. And also natural beauty is better than ‘fake’.

  2. Lovely article. Have always adored Twinkle’s style sense ever since I stumbled upon HHC. And I agree with Moni that the best thing is she dresses her age. Some of our top actresses with the most successful stylists by their side can’t match the grace and natural style sense of Twinkle.

  3. AJSK, Hermes, Goyard…yawn yawn at the label drop. True style is beyond labels. Also “fangirling” is a bit last year and perhaps a less gush piece is better?

    TK always looks good. But you forgot no. 6. A lot of money (money doesn’t buy style but it helps with a public presence and showcasing of style) and the time to put together a “look”.

  4. or maybe you could do a section of well dressed non celebs, common people. that could make far more sense on styling to dos.

  5. Hmm, I love how Twinkle dresses too, the main reason being that she wears her clothes rather than the other way round. She never tries too hard to prove how stylish she is. While I wish she took a few risks with her hair and clothes, it’s refreshing to see someone who isn’t dressed acc to some stylist’s plan of what they should look like. I like that she doesn’t go in for overlong anarkalis that swamp her – but sticks to her formula of discreet,well fitted, flattering clothes livened up with her personal collection of jewellery. Tho I do think she has the personality to carry off more experimental stuff once in a while! She should go full Sonam once and shock everyone.

  6. I actually could have written something on similar lines.(I am huge twinkle fan too ). She looks stylish but she is definitely not a fashion victim.. Plus she repeats her clothes a lot.. That is so relatable to normal folks like us

  7. I love how TKs style has been decoded here.. something simple yet thoughtful :) keep going PnPnS, loving the writeups, videos and other sections!

  8. I don’t get the obsession with her style, she dresses quite normal with designer labels thrown in. Her hair is just the same always, wow she does it? Big deal! She’s had a lot of terrible appearances which you didn’t feature so not always a hit. Anyways I dont get the oohs and aahs over her wearing a simple churidaar or her wearing a plain silk saree n flowers. Honestly thought that appearance looked so average, I’ve seen more classy stylishly dressed normal folks at weddings. Not really taking an effort to put her down, I think she’s fine and looks stylish within normal realms but isn’t any icon worth gushing over. I usually don’t bother to comment on her cause I never think much of it but this much dedication of space on her style is a huge waste. I’ve seen Instagram stars(and bloggers) that fare way better.
    It would be cooler if you’d use that space to maybe break up what’s in for this season and how to coordinate accessories or where to find the pieces. You can do such special blogging and it would be fun to read than to see TK or anyone else get such special attention over nothing. We already see them during appearances and it’s been covered and that’s enough.

  9. I have often drawn inspiration from Twinkle, her fashion is effortless and she does it sans a stylist. I think Dimple Kapadia should be credited for the same, she has instilled in her great aesthetics. Also I think Simple Kapadia was a designer, so she grew up around women with great fashion sense and it was a gradual osmosis. I grew up in a family of well dressed beautiful women and I owe my style aesthetics to them. Although my work as chemist comes in between my love for fashion, we need to wear to covered shoes (health and safety) and if you standing in lab for 8 hours you better wear the best quality sport shoes, something I have seen we have in common with Doctors and Nurses.

    • So true @yp! It’s amazing how we knowingly – and unknowingly – reflect the same aesthetic we see growing up :)

  10. Great post PnP! TK is effortlessly stylish and her choice of clothes is weather/occasion appropriate. There are a lot of celebrities who dress up fashionably all thanks to their stylists but very few who have an innate style and TK is one of them.

  11. When you are content and confident with your looks, your body, you radiate and so does Twinkle. She is so relatable and wears clothes “normal” women can wear and relate to.


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