WLIFW: Vikram Phadnis

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The Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2008 opened with Vikram Phadnis’ collection. Blues, olives, peaches and pastels made up the color palette and ‘metallic’ continued to make its presence felt even into Fall.

The skirts and dresses were ruched and the volume came from tule! You couldn’t miss the opaque tights, a Fall staple as far as I am concerned and there was a lot of layering! Embellished garments go from Spring to Fall and like metallics, seem to be a trend thats going to stick for a while!


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  1. Just by making the models wear long sleeve sweater and tights does not make a collection, a Fall collection. Too many colors, too much going on, the collection does not flow, too much head gear AND worst, the clothes don’t flatter the body, even the models.

    Seen the same from million other Indian designers (aka embellishments/color/prints galore)

  2. not bad, but doesnt look very original to me..
    indian designers are getting better but def need to step up their game in setting a trend rather than following one..thats what street fashion is for

  3. He knows how to make colours work, and I am glad he didn’t go overboard. The blue embellished short skirt is seen before many times, but still looks desirable and the last dress in peach is nice as well.
    While I like the attempt of standing out with the headpiece, I don’t like the look of it. The silhouettes aren’t interesting or refreshing.


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