Wish List Wednesday!

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Excuse us while we indulge ourselves a bit! Every Wednesday we’ll do a Wish List… Of looks we’d love to see on some of the lovely ladies featured on these pages.

As we even begin to put these together, we realize there are just sooo many looks and designers to choose from, we are overwhelmed even before we’ve started. Luckily for us, we are suckers for some goold ‘ol Fun, and Fun this is. Do remember, we are just going to pick ’em as we remember/recall ’em. And we’ll only be picking looks from Indian designers and from collections that are most or more recent.

So starting off the series with… Priyanka Chopra.

Priyanka Chopra

Ms. Chopra more often than not, sticks to neutrals. And when she does do color, it’s almost always deep, berry tones. Prints are not something we’ve seen her gravitate to. Keeping that in mind, here are some looks that are just outside of her comfort zone but not thaat big a leap that’d she’d be too wary of ’em.

L To R: Rimzim Dadu, Sanchita, Tarun Tahiliani, Shrivan And Narresh

L To R: JJ Vallaya, Raakesh Agarvwal, Nachiket Barve And Anaikka

L To R: Manish Malhotra, Shantanu And Nikhil, Tarun Tahiliani And James Ferreira

If however Ms. Chopra was inclined to do a complete 360…

L To R: Bodice, Gaurav Gupta, Pankaj And Nidhi And Sashikant Naidu

P.S: Who would you like to see featured next week? Tell us!

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Except the Nachiket Barve and probably the Manish malhotra, I think none of the other choices would be priyanka’s picks. She usually prefers tight and short dresses. I would definitely love to see her in the knee length dresses and flowy gowns. Looking at the last few posts on her, it does seem a likely chance *fingers crossed*

  2. would love to have that sashikant naidu dress..love it
    as for ms. chopra, i love the rimzim dadu and bodice outfit on her..good choices ladies:)

  3. Someone needs to wear that Sashikant Naidu dress out and about, stat! The Rakesh Agarwal would be killer on Priyanka for something like the IIFAs, and I have a feeling Neha Dhupia will soon be seen in the Gaurav Gupta gown. I love most of these picks (thought it is not likely that we will see the quirkier ones on PC); Indian fashion is making strides with every passing year! Instead of spending big money on the more uninteresting clothes from abroad that have already been worn to death (the Légers, for instance), celebs might be better served by giving these talented young desi designers some exposure.

    • Exactly, and they even end up wearing previous to previous season dresses from there. Just for the sake of international brand !
      I really wish they show some justice to these young lot.

  4. Think she’ll do justice to the Raakesh Agarvwal & Nachiket Barve dresses…the more quirky ones are not really for her as I feel she’ll not be able to carry them with confidence.

  5. hey ladies…nice indulgence! looking forward to more of these posts…will do a great job of reducing the mid-week crisis feeling! congrats for the idea n ALL THE BEST!:D!

  6. This is a great post i must say! super duper effort:) And one can only imagine how nice Ms Chopra will look in spme of these. So love the Sashikant Naidu dress. Btw you girls gotta be styling people. Although what would happen to our dear HHC then??

  7. Hey P & P – if this is going to be a Wed thing – do you think it would be possible to have a new tab at the top for it and in the main feed a link?
    That way it will have its own section and not be lost in the daily feed!

    Also – The celebs are getting really boring these days. The usual fashinistas Neha, Sonam, Dia even are all so the same old same. Vidya in her saris, Kareena with boring hair and makeup, the desperate housewives in Dolce who don’t care for styling. The second inning actresses in their anarkalis…The only one I miss is Twinkle. Are there any new faces you could bring to the blog?xx

  8. Rimzim, Tarun, Shashikant and Nachiket’s dresses would look so good on her! Its sad she doesnt experiment much.
    Great initiative gals!
    All the dresses are so great!

  9. A big mwaah to P & P for the idea! Love it :)

    The next celeb on the wishlist should def be Vidya Balan… Absolutely adore Sabya and the sarees but Vidya is ODing it.
    Given her choice of styling till date… this is going to be a challenge! ;)

  10. I would really appreciate if you guys would allow us to see your idea of dressing up VIDYA BALAN, As gorgeous as the woman is, at most events she has turned up un less than half her potential and mostly sticking to her safe route of Sabya sarees, would be interesting to see what silhouettes you would pick for her

  11. You should do a post on Avantika Mallik – just because shes such a beautiful girl with curves, but her style isnt doing her favours


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