WIFW S/S 2015: Shivan & Narresh

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WIFW Spring:Summer 2015- Shivan & Narresh-3

WIFW Spring:Summer 2015- Shivan & Narresh-2

WIFW Spring:Summer 2015- Shivan & Narresh-3

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Ladies, as much as I like reading your blog, your commentary on Fashion Weeks is INANE to say the least. You’ve got phoning-it-in down to an art- “We predict this off the runway. Love this. This was a fav. Stripes. Florals. Snooze (sorry, that was me).”
    I know posts tend to pile up during this season, but something, even a word, wittier, snarkier, some critique… just to not have your readers doze off and hit the keyboard?!! :D


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