When Just Money Won’t Do

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Money can just about buy anything! Even a Birkin. But style? That’d be a no dahlinks!!

Take one look at Madhoo only to know! A birkin she has. But look at the way she turned out for the Sabyasachi party at the Lakme India Fashion Week, 2008 (picture on the right)!! Style, she has not.

An ugly printed top. An uglier belt. Work on the side seams of her pants, seems like some sort of whipstitching. Strange plastic’y, resin-like bangles on one of her hands. Tacky. Tacky. Tacky.

And people like her have Birkins. Its a cryin’ shame.


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  1. Whats this obsession with Birkins? I live in Manhattan and here most Park Avenue matrons carry one …the younger cooler hipper lot carry tons of other designers like Rebecca Minkoff, Treesje, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs…but it looks like the folks in Mumbai and Delhi want only Birkins and Kellys.. hmmm wonder what they carry in them considering most of them drive in chauffeur driven cars and dont have to schelp tons of stuff around like people here have too…


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