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The hair, the match-ey shoes and the bangles didn’t really work too well with Vidya’s Anuj Sharma dress. Stacked bangles of different kinds in metallic tones, strappy heels and a neater ponytail would’ve gone a long way.

P.S: See Pratima Gaurav wear a version of it here.

Vidya Malwade At Mausam Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. i hope the dress code wsnt “night dress” (Vidya, tabu, Amisha’s, all three dress cud b a nice nighties)

    ths is so horrible.. as if a newly bride is ready for her first night.. with tht hair, bangles n lipstick.. its so OTT..

  2. All wrong. Shame. Wil you post pics of Rani? I hope you do because vidya is petite like rani and she could learn a few style tips. By the way Rani looks fab. I hope you post pics of rani soon.

  3. I actually think the dress just looks poor quality. The fabric is puckering, the satin looks cheap, the back looks like the person who finished it had no motor skills. Nothing could have saved this dress.
    What a waste of a gorgeous BV Knot.

  4. Freshy! If anything that purse, those bangals and even the rough hair would look okay with different shoes, jeans and a top… its the ewwww-ey dress. Proper… freshy!


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