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While Vidya sported Sabyasachi saris at two different events (no surprises there), we also happened to have spotted one on Pinky Reddy in the latest issue of Hello! magazine. Though not the best bunch of pictures, we do think both ladies looked lovely in their saris.

Vidya Balan At Zee Cine Awards 2011

Left: Vidya Balan At A Filmfare Awards Press Conference
Right: Pinky Reddy In Hello! Magazine

Photo Credit: Hello!, Facebook

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  1. It’s a ‘look’, lets face it she isn’t going to be changing it any time soon. I happen to love Sabyasachi sarees so its fine by me but I’m sure theres going to be plenty of people saying ‘here we go again….!’ I’d love to see a full length pic of the bottom red saree, it looks lovely from what can be seen. Pinky Reddy looks great in her saree also, I love the colour combination.

  2. Very nice. I am bored of Vidya’s yellow saree look. Too much repetition. I love her red saree, esp the patola print.

    Pinky is carrying the saree very well.. Indian outfits suit her better. Wish the necklace were more visible, looks interesting.

  3. I saw a photo of vidya at the mumbai marathon and now know why she is always in a sari or a long top. She has a beautiful face, good make up and this look suits her just fine. I leave for mumbai today and will definitely visit sabya to check out his saris. they are beautiful

  4. Simply stunning! what can i say…I dont think i’ve ever seen or ever will see someone look bad whilst wearing a Sabyasachi. The guy’s a godsend to indian women.

    Absolutely loving the Kanjeevarams, im guessing they’re from the Vasanthalaxmi collection. Hope to see more spottings of them.

  5. i wouldn’t touch a sabya…everytime i see someone wear it, they look 15 years older than they really are. the prints are beautiful, but i think the collection is exclusively for older women.

  6. I saw VIdya on Koffee with Karana and she was elegant, witty and *so* natural.

    She clearly derives her self-confidence from things other than her looks/clothes. Respect!

  7. I love her in the yellow saree ! Must praise Sabya for bringing Kanjeevarams in fashion and must thank vidya for sporting them without succumbing to peer pressure !

  8. She has just one blouse which she wears with all the sarees, ALL of them. That makes her look rather stagnant, even though she wears awesome sarees.


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