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Vidya was photographed recently keeping it basic in a printed kurta and churidaar. A punchy red lip, matching red hobo (bag) and kolhapuri wedges finished out her look.

Like her style while at the movies?

Vidya Balan At 'Citylights' Screening

Vidya Balan At Citylights Screening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. What’s wrong with her? Why’s her always so messy these days? Nothing great about the look. Those behenji footwear and rag picker bag does nothing for her. It’s time that HHC should seriously consider not featuring her on your blog at all. Sheer waste of time. Some things will never mix well. They weren’t meant to be. Like mixing bleach and vinegar which will only give toxic chlorine gas. Vidya and fashion will only give GOBAR.

    • Its really easy to be harsh on others…not everybody is made for looking diva all the time…It’s horses for courses..she is not someone looking for fashionista tag…she is an actor and she knows her craft really well…so at the end of the day she should be judged for her job not her dressing games…

      PS– no offence meant but i found those Gobar and all comments a bit too harsh…

      • Agree ! why do we want celebs to look like beauty queens every time they step out of their doors. give them and yourself a break sometimes.

      • The statements you are making is so damn irrelevant. HHC only goes with what they wear and I believe all of us come here to check on the fashion and not to see how one is getting better at acting or their acting accomplishments. In that case there are so many actors who do a terrific job with so many national & state awards to their credit. And wear clothes much much better than this lady but still won’t even be featured here.

    • Agreed. And she has been doing this for the past so many years. The only change now is from Aunty to an homeless look in this. Everything from the hair to the footwear is plain disgusting.

    • Will people stop being so mean! She is a big movie star already, so sometimes if she wants to step out with minimal make up and dress down IT’S FINE! Please don’t give Adara company in Vidya bashing.

    • The gobar comment is rude and uncalled for. I really don’t understand why some people find it so difficult to express a critical opinion without resorting to rudeness. Get a grip!

    • Good lord. Why so harsh?agree she s not looking great but that gives you no right to make such toxic remarks. Why can’t you just politely criticize .whats with GOBAR and all.Huh?

  2. Aaargh….such a gorgeous woman letting herself down. She needs to get a haircut, use some shine serum in it and just simplify – she might be curvy but look at women like Christina Hendricks and Nigella Lawson -quality, well cut simple clothes. She’s quite short too so those ugly wedge heels she is obsessed with do NOTHING for her. Seriously it’s not like she’s going to be on her feet all night so there’s no excuse for the hideousness taking place ankle down. Either invest in pretty flats if you need to be comfortable or do a proper stiletto if you want height. Just get it together!

  3. The comments on your blog seem to have so bitter and acidic, it makes me cringe to read them. Some perspective and balance is much required. N it doesn’t hurt to be civil. These are also humans that are being commented on.

    • Yes. I have pretty much abandoned HCC because the comments section seems hell bent on proving that both women and fashion are shallow. Everything is dragged in here: size, poverty, class, today the homeless. Not to speak of the cultural cringe when anyone who is not a size 0 in a transparent sari is looked down upon.

      And I am tired of the “this is a fashion blog” comment. Its a celeb fashion blog. Not an on the street blog. People come here for the celebs, they open this post because its a Ms Balan post. Her persona will play into judgements we make. And commenting on fashion is no reason to channel mean girls.

      Poor poor show by commenters and mods.

    • +1,
      gobar..hideousness..disgusting..ugly? such malice. That’s what is ugly i think.
      the printed kurta is cute

  4. While I am sure a great actor need not try to be a fashionista, it doesnt even mean that you can dress messy and then pose for pics!!

  5. I really admire people who, by choice, sport their traditions. Vidya is one of the few who takes pride in wearing everything that is traditional. Fashion is more than just looks, its about self expression and in many ways the way you dress reveals alot about who you are. and she has always been about taking the 9 yards around the world. I agree, this is not her at her finest, but hey, I am sure most of the people reading this blog right now are probably in not-to-be-worn-in-public clothes. It is unfortunate to read so many comments above which radiate so much unconstructive criticism. I really admire her as an actress and also as a person. Sure, I don’t know her personally, but I think her conscious decision to choose indian clothes over a glamorous Western Chanel dress or whatever, consistently, against the pressure of western ways is really amazing!

  6. I am huge Vidya Fan but I think she should concentrate on her looks…At the end of the day Bollywood is a very superficial industry so she should not take this lightly…I hope she gets her act together soon…She can look so stunning if she tries..

  7. This look is pretty bad for anyone! The wedges are ok on their own, but teamed with everything else, they don’t work. Straighter lines on the kurta will help for starters! Anarkali’s seem to be too voluminous and look even bigger on Vidya. Straight kurtas with churidars or salwars may look better. That hair also needs to be tamed a bit. As is, it makes for a pretty messy look!

  8. I don’t understand why you guys choose to feature someone who clearly says she has no interest in fashion and dressing up.. And then have people make nasty, mean-spirited comments about her.

    • For no other reason but click-bait. This continued cyber-bullying by the bloggers and the commentariat (including some self-professed feminists) is shameful.

  9. All wrong. It’s a cute kurti and great for a casual ‘catch a movie’date. She should tied her hair, worn red churidaar, different (flats/peep toe wedges/kholapuri red chappals) and added a red duppatta. Would have made a difference.

  10. This already feels like a futile effort because after 7 years of blogging, we find that every six months or so we seem to be having this conversation over and over.

    There is a fine line between moderating and policing. From our part as blog owners, we try to moderate as best we can to the rules we’ve set. How is that different from policing? You may write a negative comment that may or may not agree with us or even with the rest of the readers but the moment we try to control that by not allowing it, it is policing. And that defeats the purpose of a blog. You may call us out but remember the whole point of having comments is that anyone is allowed to comment.

    We hope that as readers, you have the sense to use a tone of language that gets the point across without being personal or deriding. Certainly, we manage to do so in the blog, so why can’t you?

    Bottom line, let’s keep it fun. Priyanka and I want to continue to bring you the best (and sometimes the worst) of fashion. We don’t want to start getting ulcers over comment moderation.


    P.S. We are closing comments on this thread.

  11. I agree that this is not a good look by any means. But really the name calling on this site is totally uncalled for. Can’t everyone be civil while critiquing. I used to love to come to this blog for its fashion commentary and also the discussion with the fashion commenters, but now it is just appalling and embarrassing to read some of the comments. P and P – why don’t you have a stricter comment moderation ??