Space Cadets

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Ok, so its a given that stage outfits are usually obnoxious, but who takes the cake here?

Katrina Kaif
Priyanka Chopra

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  1. I am going to go with Priyanka…that top has that net like thing over her breast…gives an impression there is barely anything there…very risque and edgy..and Harman is not any less obnoxious either…

  2. the sexiest woman in the world (as per the recent FHM survey’s India version) – Katrina…is looking pathetic.

    Now Priyanke on the other hand, with her gorgeous legs, is making even the hideous outfit work. I like her!

  3. katrina! omg! and what about the blush?? hehe

    pc and hb can still be forgiven…their theme is futuristic, so i guess the designer went crazy.
    but was katrina dancing to Zara Zara in that? lol that’s such a soft number compared to her outfit

  4. I agree with Foxie too… Piggy Chops as she was once affectionately called does make the outfit work.. the same can’t be said for Katrina


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