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Before attending ‘Magic Of The Movies’ event, we had another sighting of the actor as she arrived in Tampa earlier that day. Wearing an olive tunic, leggings, flats, movie-star shades and toting a Birkin, Sridevi cut a good picture!

sridevi arrives at tampa for iifa 2014

Sridevi Arrives In Tampa For IIFA 2014

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • OMG! How oh how can she carry a FAKE bag?! Hermes do not make snakeskin birkins or use any snakeskin in any handbags!

      I’m shocked.

      P+P please clarify this.

  1. These stars know they are going to be photographed everywhere even during travelling…they just don big lables almost everywhere…i wish we get to see some regular stuffs being made stylish by the stars and their personality..not labels noticed first then the face/star/person…make regular stuff stylsih thats what fashion and fashion icons for me !!!

    P.S. just my personal opinion…

    • I agree with you. Some times well make it most of the time regular stuff is even better than label stuff but doesnt get any recognition as most ‘icons’ prefer to wear labels.

  2. Wow.. this is how she travels?? Wow.. With a birkin? She looks stunning n those shades are drooooolworthy!! Wish I had that kind of money!


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