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Wearing a sheer Pero top with a pair of boyfriend jeans, Kriti was photographed exiting the airport. Slides and a roomy backpack were her accessories of choice. Like the actor’s off-duty look?

Kriti Sanon Photographed At The Airport

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Do they think airports are the new disco clubs or swimming pools? Next you know people will show up in bikinis and boxer shorts. For goodness sake these people look so friggin ridiculous treating a walk down the security check as a fashion ramp. Sorry to say this but *idiots*. Sigh.

    • I disagree. This is one of the few looks that seems appropriate for the weather and location. She looks young, stylish, comfortable and carefree. Unlike most celebs who are wearing jackets and multiple layers, in an attempt to pull a ‘look’ together.

    • Treating security check as a fashion ramp is silly, but one could forgive it if the fashion were good. She looks like a fool here. Her shoes have literally no relation to the rest of the outfit, which is also bad. It looks like someone robbed her shoes and she borrowed a pair from someone else.


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