In Three Avatars

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The high-waisted pants do nothing for Tisca. Cringe. Not crazy about the high-neck straitjacket-like top either.

So, that leaves the long voluminous kurta and churidaar look. Gets our vote by virtue of Default.

Which of these looks is your favorite?


Tisca Chopra
Left And Centre: At Lakme Fashion Week, Mar 2010
Right: At Raajneeti Success Party

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The first look makes the other two look pretty good – mostly because those are decent whereas the first look is just so out there. I guess everyone has their share of bloopers.

  2. I think she actually pulls off the high- waisted pants okay- not great, just okay. I actually prefer the first and third outfits to that monstrosity in the middle- that shade of “Rin-saphedi” white looks awful on anyone.

    • totally agree.. haha on rin safedi! :D
      she pulls off the highwaist pants effortlessly.. and the 3rd pic top is quite interesting too.

  3. I like the churidar/Anarkali one and the the one in which she is wearing jeans. The high waist suits VERY few women; least of all us with Indian ancestries who have broad hips etc :(

  4. I think she pulls of the straitjacket one the best. . while ideally that neckline never really works (!!gul!!) but she looks so graceful even with the random dupatta type thing tied around the waist.

  5. I like her best in anarkali and 3rd pic in jeans is also good.
    She seems to be wearing that cozy/draped cardi in reverse style.DKNY showed 10 styles of wearing it and one was this.
    I know bcos i tried it home.

    High waist pants suit very few women .. and personally i hate that style….but this girl’s face makeup is really good.She is glowing in all the pics.

  6. PROPS for playing with different looks…the high waisted makes her look bottom heavy, other than that, I don’t mind any of these!

  7. The third one made me laugh – it looked like that top had leaped on her from the front and was trying to strangle her while she smiled through it bravely. Sitting at home alone =hallucinations.

    Dont hate the look actually – she pulls it off with that gorgeous smile and fresh face.

  8. 1) Fashion victim + hip-py effect

    2) someone just ran out of period muslim drama

    3) top is strait-jacket–loony bin is missing some clothes.

  9. wait a second, the shoes tisca is weaqring with the anarkali are the same shoes mugda was wearing at the rajneeti success bash party ( a few posts below this one,where raageshwari is wearing the red top and white skirt). Tisca is wearing then in silver and mugda has the same pair in golden. ;)

  10. Tisca is good looking but has a weird sense of style. However had this been Kiran Rao, P&P would be gushing over her “quirky sense of style”

  11. I love the 3rd look…love the jeans and top combo. would wear tht in a hearbeat. would carry a brighter clutch though.
    but she looks lovely!!

  12. Awesome!.
    Not sure about the first one and the pants, but the second and third ones are really very very beautiful! :-)

    Gotta believe that Some people really know how to reverse age!
    Like T! :-)

  13. C’mon! Be Kind!! She does look good in all the three avtars!! Fresh, Glowing, Simple are some of the adjectives that immediately sprang to my mind…

  14. All 3 pics are perfect…Tisca ma’am is so pretty tht its a tough ask to figure out any mistake
    But 1st pic is not the best but it isn’t bad as wl coz it mainly concentrates on her curves which are sort of her asset
    2nd makes her look as graceful as possible…and really pretty…i simply love the pic,the dress and her..<3
    3rd-its a nice one..neat, clean and tight…again highlighting her curves..which do a world of good to her beauty…
    Overall she is 1 of the prettiest ladies alive..<3


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