The Way Vikram Phadnis Does It…

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Vikram Phadnis has long been a favorite among the Bombay film industry people and at his fashion shows you can always be guaranteed to spot some celebs in front rows! And at this recent fashion show of his, he seemed to have gone one step further, and roped in a family deal by getting Malaika and Katrina to model for him! I generally don’t mind his clothes but this show didn’t do anything for me!


Phadnis’ creations were shown at a show that organized at the JW Marriott hotel, Mumbai and while I get the whole game-y feel, I just don’t care for it! Instead of doing Lara Croft sexy, it was just technicolor Marvel comics, the Chetpet edition! (For the uninitiated, thats a place in Chennai)


And then there’s the issue of Katrina. Tell me how one person can be so boring? She is gooood looking and all that. Thats a given. But no matter how you style her, how come she always comes off looking the same? Boooring!


And Malaika. Now, this is one woman that is super hot, methinks. A great bod, angular face that photographs well and makes even this tacky outfit scream high fashion!


For more pictures from the show, go HERE.

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