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Minissha Lamba
Neha Uberoi

While the young starlets, Minissha and Neha went with denims and more straight-laced tops at recent events, the (relatively) older set (Feroz and Seema) chose to go with more bohemian tops to pair their denims with while doing the rounds at some art exhibitions… which do you prefer?

Am digging Seema’s ethnic-boho top and would have loved to see that on Lamba or Neha…

Feroz Gujral
Seema Jajodia

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  1. Hm, I don’t really likethe bohemian tops at all and I think Minisha’s top doesn’t suit her shape
    I LOVE Neha’s top and her overall look :)
    @nik…and I don’t think minihsa looks fat at all…her body type seems perfectly normal to me :/

  2. Minishha has gained weight,I dont like the length of her top,her crotch is doing a peekaboo,wish she would stick to either short or long ones and not crotch length tops.the others are also not that stylish ,so will pass.

  3. I really love the bohemian tops. I wish I knew where to get them. Sorry, but not digging Neha’s look…somehow reminds me of chicken costumes kids wear.

  4. Uggh, what a disaster. All four of them need a stylist-they all look terrible. I can fill a page with what they did wrong but dont even want to start.

  5. i believe when you’re younger to tend to think that if it has to be fashionable, you have to show a little skin. particularly starlets.

    the older ones are very comfortable in their skins and dont mind wearing something loose. the press wont be speculating abt a pergnancy or a weight gain of 500 gms.


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