Talk About Bad Fashion!

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Calling this a fashion faux pas would be an insult to your intelligence, not to mention an understatement of infinite proportion. So we won’t.

Except, you know what we are thinking don’t you?

Left: Anupama Verma At RedFM 93.5 Bajate Raho Awards
Right: Poonam Dhillon At Gr8 Women Aciever Awards


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  1. How do people not know about infamous camel toe? Marc dressed up as a life size version of it (literally though, thank god)

    And those pants, maybe she doesn’t know about it? They were too tight and ripped? Please please please tell me that was not intentional.

  2. Anupama looks like a ghost..and Poonam Dhillon’s ‘curves’ are showing in the wrong places…in fact, she looks awful…what’s with that horrendous outfit and the hair and the overdone accessories! Time to get yourself a stylist dear…

  3. LOL! too right! Ms Dhillon needs to not go OTT…maybe pull ur hair back into a bun once a while..oh and of course the camel toe is atrocious!

    and Anupma Verma…why is she everywhere after her stint at Big Boss?


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