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Wearing One’s Own

Rosettes. Rosettes. Rosettes.

You know by now we are pretty iffy on rosettes and so of course, we are pretty iffy on these outfits spotted on Ms. Depala.

I can see how the pants or the vest might work editorially but they do nothing for us off the runway! Having said that though, we’ve still got to give props to Ayesha for making those pants and the vest (good lord, especially those pants) look understated (well, as understated as a pair of pants with rosettes and studs can look); on anyone else it would’ve been one major cringe-fest!

Who are we kidding, the pants do make us cringe! :)


Left: Ayesha Depala At A Charity Event
Right: Ayesha Depala, Chivas Fashion Tour


Left: Ayesha Depala At Valentino Store Opening
Right: Ayesha Depala, Chivas Fashion Tour

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