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Taking It East To West

After that disastrous styling that was inflicted upon Serena Williams at the opening of WTA Bangalore Open (below, left), anything would have been an improvement! The dress by Shantanu and Nikhil that she wore at the HP Notebook launch in Delhi (below, right) was such a far cry from that horrible ‘velvet-blouse-paired-with-a-sari’ look!

Am not convinced this was still the best choice of an outfit for her but I’ll take this over that sari anyday…

I especially like the subtle jewelled accents on the dress, very chic!! If only the hemline went a bit more south…


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No, we aren’t really doing a feature on some out of work Vegas showgirls.

In fact, if you still didnt recognize the ladies above, they are, Serena & Venus Williams and Jelena Jankovic! The ladies can kick your ass on the tennis court, but wearing a sari is definitely not their forte and we don’t expect it to be!

But, for the sponsors to dress them up in cheap velvet blouses and the lowest end quality of mysore silk is just sad! Tsk Tsk.

For next time, we hope they take some hints from Anna Kournikova below and make some demands before slipping into such shoddy stuff!

Above: Anna Kournikova @ Amby Valley Press Conference
Far Above: Serena Williams, Venus Williams and Jelena Jancovic @ WTA Bangalore Open


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