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Katrina on Verve: (Un)Covered

I’ve seen many a covers with Katrina but the June edition of Verve’s the only that had me do a double take. In the sleek hairdo and simple RPS dress, Ms. Kaif looked fierce.

My only gripe, that bracelet. Doesn’t quite fit in.


Left: Rajesh Pratap Singh, A/W 2013
Right: Katrina Kaif on Verve June 2013

Photo Credit: Twitter

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WLIFW Spring 2013: Rajesh Pratap Singh

Rajesh Pratap Singh’s genius is undisputed. That said, this collection was confusing. I love the sharply tailored, non-fussy, strong aesthetic the designer stands for. But then, the slinky metallic dress in that dreadful lurex-like fabric (Row Three, Extreme Left) came down the runway. You could’ve knocked me down with a feather. The experimentation with this collection has me think the designer is in a state of transition. Though this state of flux didn’t always translate successfully.

The designer played some more with ‘honeycombs’ that we first saw in his Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. And this time, the mood was a lot more darker. Where before the shimmer was a lot more muted in his previous collections, ’twas more aggressive this time around. Some of it worked, some didn’t.

Lest you think it was all one colossal disappointment, it wasn’t. The dresses with metallic spines at the back were brilliant. Loved the black leather honeycomb dress (Row Two, second from left) and the off-white/cream one (Row Three, second from right). The spiked/studded stockings really added to the looks.

Like I mentioned earlier… Confusing.

P.S: I wish this show was better lit. For those of us who pour over digital images (which often is the only way we can go through a collection), the lack of detail is disconcerting. Am sure it never really is the same as actually seeing something up close, but wish there’d be HD images available to us mere mortals.

P.P.S: Speaking of ‘honeycombs’, have you seen Alexander McQueen Spring 2013?

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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In Rajesh Pratap Singh

Wearing a Rajesh Pratap Singh jacket straight off of our Lust-List was Ms. Kapoor at the HT Brunch Dialogues event. We love this linen flap-front jacket!

Kareena paired her jacket with black pants and wore a belt over the jacket presumably to add some definition. Pink platform heels and a top knot completed her look. We think she looked good!

Left to us, we’d have much rather seen pink by way of lip color over those sandals but it’s hardly a deal-breaker.

Left: Rajesh Pratap Singh
Centre, Right: Kareena Kapoor At HT Brunch Dialogues 2012 Event

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Wish List Wednesday!

Slacked off on these Wish Lists, didn’t we? So without much further delay, (drumroll please) here’s one!

Ms. Saran was an easy pick for the series. Beautiful woman, unfortunate sartorial choices. She tends to favor a certain kind of sari, a certain kind of dress… And if not stuck in that rut, the hair and make-up seem to let her down. Below is our wishful indulgence… How we’d love to see her in any/all of ’em! Some are bit of a stretch but, think twice why don’t you?!

Shriya Saran

It’d be great to see Ms. Saran pick Indian-wear that wasn’t the tried and tested, her go-to sheer and/or blingy options. Styled differently to work off the runway, each of these looks would look great on her. A soft braided updo and a statement necklace with the sari-inspired Tarun dress or the Kotwara one with the dupatta worn more casually and plaited hair would make for such a great change!

L To R: Anju Modi, Krishna Mehta, Kotwara By Meera Muzaffar Ali And Tarun Tahiliani

We’d love to see more pared down, minimalist tinged looks on Shriya. There is no reason to fall back on bling for every Red Carpet appearance, is there now? Look at that JJ Vallaya gown, impactful without assaulting the senses. How we’d love to see that off the runway!

L To R: Shantanu And Nikhil, Swapnil Shinde, JJ Vallaya And Deepika Govind

It can’t always be floor-sweeping gowns, can it? These looks below are worthy of their moment and, we know with just the right hair, make-up and accessories, there’s no reason why Shriya can’t have a moment in them. That Namrata Joshipura look is practically made for Shriya. And look, it’s not tacktastic. (P.S: The Joshipura skirt could be yours!)

L To R: Pankaj And Nidhi, Rohit Gandhi And Rahul Khanna, Namrata Joshipura And Adarsh Gill

We know Ms. Saran loves her maxis, wish she’d try some quirky printed ones too. Like the Rimi Nayak one. You are young. And you only live once! ;) It’d be great to see her in an easy-breezy dress like the Anita Dongre one too.

L To R: Soup By Sougat Paul, Rimi Nayak, Anita Dongre And Rajesh Pratap Singh

And now, this is the part where we cross our fingers!

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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Deepika on Harper’s: (Un)Covered

Harper’s delights us with two covers featuring Deepika for their collector’s issue and wants you to let them know, which pic do you prefer!

Click Here to take their poll! We, personally, are loving the Anamika pic.

Left: In Gucci
Right: In Anamika Khanna & Rajesh Pratap Singh

Left: Gucci, Fall 2011
Right: Anamika Khanna, Fall 2011

Photo Credit: Harper’s Bazaar India

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