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A Marked Improvement!

A backlash in the media about one costume and Ms. Balan has done quite an about turn on her dressing sense! A lovely aubergine dress sans the matching shoes and bag. This Vidya we love!

Our only gripe was her innerwear… but we are glad that her baby steps are in the right direction!

vidyakkmusic.jpg vidyakk2.jpg


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Rick Roy: A Little Too Inspired

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw Nalanda’s design that looked exactly like the one from Marchesa. Now, we see a design by Rick Roy for Kangana Ranaut that looks so similar to a design from Valentino’s Spring 2008 collection!

If I were to be in Kangana’s shoes, maybe I would drop someone who was so inspired by other’s designs. ;)

Above: Kangana Ranaut @ SET Stardust Awards 2008
Below: Valentino Spring 2008

Source, Source and Source

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