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Pria Kataria Puri: A Fashion Show

1-pria-kataria-puri-fashion-show.jpg 2-pria-kataria-puri-fashion-show.jpg

3-pria-kataria-puri-fashion-show.jpg 4-pria-kataria-puri-fashion-show.jpg

5-pria-kataria-puri-fashion-show.jpg 6-pria-kataria-puri-fashion-show.jpg

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Birkin Spotting Yet Again!

Above: Padma Lakshmi at Day 2 of Lakme Fashion Week

Life can be so unfair! While some of us are waiting to get that first one, some people already have more than one! Here is Padma at Pria Kataria Puri’s show with a white Birkin.

Coincidentally, Pria also has one in white in addition to her black one! We may not like her personal style but we do envy Pria for her Birkin collection!

Above: Pria Kataria Puri at the launch of Upen Patel’s Ice Model Management Agency

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It’s Not That Easy!

Did Pria Kataria Puri think that just because we have a weakness for the “Birkin”, that we would excuse her bad dressing style! We do admit our weakness about the “Birkin”, but we still do not pardon anyone who dresses this ghastly while carrying a “Birkin”! (That Fendi belt, just screams “I am so outta place!”)

We judge designers by looking at their whole ensemble, and not just by their bag! They can’t distract us by a “Birkin”!

No.. No.. No..

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Turning The Tables..

We have picked on everybody so far, be it, actors or socialites, so why should designers be far behind? We think it is about time we turn tables on some of these designers we have caught who weren’t definitely dressing to their nines.

It’s a good thing that we have seen their work before seeing them, else we might have never been able to truly critique them just for their work! ;)

Pria Kataria Puri

Maheka Mirpuri

Anjalee Kapoor

Source and Source

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