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The Black And White Of It All

How can one bag, the same identical bag, in two different colors, evoke two totally different reactions? I’ll tell you how.. just look at the Biba Patent Bag and let the reactions stumble out of you.

I absolutely hate the Black Patent Biba bag; the patent leather is way too shiney and tacky looking and that big, gold ‘B’ is absolutely obnoxious.

However, look at the same bag in white.. it is actually pretty muted, understated, and that big ‘B’ in silver, gives it just the right amount of funk to make it stand out, in a good way. I have no real complaints about the bag’s shape itself, and the size looks good. The White Patent Bag seems a good way to do a trend without being a style don’t.

And currently, marked down from $745.00 to $484.00, it sure is kind on the wallet.

( Buy Via Neiman Marcus )

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