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Buy Via Saks
Buy Via Saks

Probably the best thing about Fall is how change effortlessly creeps up on you, and suddenly, you notice a nip in the air and a chilly shiver on your shoulder on a quiet evening… And while the still evening puts a blush on one’s cheek, nothing says elegant better than a demure stole wrapped around a lady to compliment the weather and her temperament!

Buy Via Neiman Marcus

A paisely scarf/stole is easily a staple that remains a classic and timeless must-have that you can’t go wrong with! The pictures that I have posted, are of Loro Piana (at Neiman Marcus) and Etro (at Saks) and needless to say, they are definitely pricey! But hey, if one were to look, you can always find the look for less!

Considering it is such a wardrobe staple, you should pick a stole that is in your budget, and trust me, there is one for everyone!

Are you Fall ready?

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