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Seeing Double!

After giving us a fabulous January cover, Vogue India disapooints by just taking an older cover from the US edition and using it on the Feb 2009 issue.

Makes me wonder though, whether recession has also hit Vogue India. Could they not afford to do a new photoshoot and HAD to reprint an already published article? Tsk Tsk. (I know it is common practice for some magazines to reprint but didn’t expect it from Vogue.)

For pics of Aniston’s spread and breakdown of her clothes from the Dec 2008 edition, go here.

P.S. Did you notice how the ‘Uncool’ comment has vanished on the Indian cover! ;)

Update: Hmm after more research, looks like the other Vogue editions recycle cover articles too. Now, I am surprised that Vogue India waited this long! ;)


Left: Jennifer Aniston, Vogue December 2008
Right: Jennifer Aniston, Vogue India February 2009

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