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Why in the world would Meera wear pants under this dress right in the middle of summer? This one has got me scratching my head! The dress by itself would have been an ok look… Someone also needs to tell her to tone down on the heavy makeup so that she looks fresh and not caked up everytime!

“Jab Luv Hua” Success Party
“Salaakhen” Premiere

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What Was She Thinking?

Beige. Beige. Beige. And, monogrammed Louis Vuitton wallet. And, monogrammed Gucci bag. And, monogrammed Gucci pumps.

If Meera had a thought bubble over head, it would say, “…………………………………………………………..”


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How To Wear It Right!

You may love or hate the shoe, but there is no denying that the outfit that Gwyneth put together definitely makes her ankle booties pop!

If only a certain “someone” had decided do the same, she might have been spared an appearance on our “WTHeyy” post!

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One look at this dress and you’ll know why it made the “WTHeyy”. But, what’s funnier are the shoes that Meera decided to pair with this ridiculous dress!

Quick! Someone pass me a pair of scissors so that I can cut out the long frills. The outfit sure could use the help!


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