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Déjà vu

We caught a glimpse of Aarakshan past weekend and couldn’t help but notice very similar Deepika’s styling is to that of hers in Love Aaj Kal. We’re talking about the frock-like kurtas paired with leggings.

In fact, the similarity doesn’t end there! We also spotted both Saif and Deepika feature in a dhaba style song on a cot. Chor Bazaari flashback anyone? :P

P.S. We checked. The costume designers are different for both movies.

Far Left: in Love Aaj Kal
Left: at a Love Aaj Kal Promo Event
Right, Far Right: in Aarakshan

Left: Deepika & Saif in Love Aaj Kal
Right: Deepika & Saif in Aarakshan

Photo Credit: IdleBrain

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Movie Ishtyle

We already told you how you can find the Love Aaj Kal special apparel pieces at Shoppers Stop in India. Well, if you don’t have one close by, not to worry, because you can also order the Haute Curry kurta’s and the I Jeanswear tees online. If you want one bad, you better get them quick since they are selling out fast.

You can check out more Love Aaj Kal apparel online here.

Thanks ‘Simran’ for the tip-off.

P.S. Shoppers Stop ships only within India but if you really want one, you may have someone to buy it and then ship it to you. :P


Haute Curry Love Aaj Kal Kurta ( Buy )


Haute Curry Love Aaj Kal Kurta ( Buy )


I Jeanswear Love Aaj Kal Tee ( Buy )

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Bag Spotting

If you’ve seen the movie, you probably noticed the purple bag that Deepika’s character ‘Meera’ carries around in Delhi. Although her outfits you can find at the nearest Shoppers Stop in India for a very reasonable price, her bag not only maybe hard to find since it is from a couple of seasons ago it is going to cost you much much more because this one retailed at about $995.


Left: Deepika Padukone in ‘Love Aaj Kal’
Right: Dior Cannage Drawstring Bag

Source, Source

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