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Let’s Talk Imports!

We don’t know if this is just co-incidence or a very well planned strategy by all magazines, but the majority of the Oct covers have foreign flavors. Other than Paris and Ranbir, but of course, most maybe unfamiliar to you.

Got a favorite cover?

P.S. Kim is in Abraham & Thakore angarkha with Dior skirt. Candice is in Louis Vuitton. Paris is in Rocky S.

P.P.S. Isabeli and Kim are models while Candice features in the upcoming film Aazaan.

Left: Kim Johnson on Elle India, Oct 2011
Right: Candice Boucher on L’Officiel, Oct 2011

Left: Isabeli Fontana With Ranbir Kapoor on Vogue India, Oct 2011
Right: Paris Hilton on Marie Claire India, Oct 2011

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Aazaan Team At Cannes Film Festival: Hearat Shulayim Premiere

A certain Ms. Sherawat is not gonna be a happy camper when she sees tomorrows headlines because South African model Ms. Boucher totally stole Mallika’s thunder in a more daring see-through Gavin Rajah gown. (Thanks Nimi for the ID)

So you wonder who is Ms. Boucher and what is she doing with two desi dudes? Candice is a Playboy covergirl who makes an appearance in the upcoming movie Aazaan, that stars entreprenuer Sachin Joshi (guy on the right) as the protagonist. The movie is directed by Prashant Chadha (on the left) of Aap Ka Suroor fame.

We’d like to show you the full outfit but we aren’t sure if you might be accessing this from work. :P

Ms. Sherawat may have been one upped today but atleast she can brag: been there, done that!

Prashant Chadha, Candice Boucher, Sachin Joshi
At 64th Cannes Film Festival – ‘Hearat Shulayim’ Premiere


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