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Deepika on Grazia India:(Un)Covered

It’s not just one but two covers in Feb for Deepika. While she sports the girl-next-door look on Cosmo, it is a more edgy Deepika we see on the cover of Grazia. Grazia, again, knocks it out of the ballpark!

Catch another pic inside.

Left: Azara by Alpana & Neeraj
Center: Morphe By Amit Agarwal
Right: Deepika Padukone on Grazia India Feb 2011


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Kareena on Grazia India: (Un)Covered

Throw in a bit of fifties with the severe bee-hive bun and well defined cat eyes. A bit of eighties with an Amber Feroze jacket and it’s exaggerated shoulders paired with an Azara dress. And good ol’ 2009 photoshopping skills with a touched up jaw-line and we have ourselves an unrecognizable Ms. Kapoor on the Grazia India cover. The end result may be yet another fierce cover from Grazia but the photoshopped Kareena staring back at us is hard to pass on by.

P.S: Doesn’t that jacket remind you of Balmain? It sure did for us.


Left: Amber Feroze, A/W 2009
Right: Kareena Kapoor on Grazia India Oct 2009

Photo Credit: Indiatimes

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Shilpa On Grazia India: (Un)Covered

Shilpa Shetty graces the cover of the May edition of Grazia India in an Azara by Alpana and Neeraj white mini sporting a completely different hairdo than her usual style. Just when you thought Shilpa can’t do covers well, she goes and surprises us. Remember the Cosmo cover? (see here) And, if that wasn’t bad enough, did you see the Hi Living one? That one was so bad, we didn’t even feel like featuring it! :P

On an aside, sure makes for a change to see a desi designer up on one of these covers! We aren’t saying one is good over another, just that it makes for a welcome change.


Shilpa Shetty on Grazia India June 2009


Shilpa Shetty on Hi Living, April 2009


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