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Ring it like Adina Reyter

I have been obsessing on this Dior “Oui” ring for a while now. I tried my very best to persuade my friend “Well Heeled” that it was such a cuuutte ring! And, if she had agreed, I probably would have bought it by now! Thankfully, she didn’t like it (saving me $675..yup thats what the ring costs!). What’s better, I found something similar in style.

I liked the “Oui” ring because it was wiry and had the cute little tiny diamond. This Adina Reyter ring is just as similar and even better because it is much simpler and cute to the core!

Because of the diamond, the price is a little on the steep side for this simple design at $143, but there is another version of the ring without the diamond which is only for $63.

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Buy via Adina Reyter

Another really cool piece is this snake coil ring. I love the design because it shows the whole snake form. Something perfect for someone young and flirty!

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