Sushmita Sen At The IIFAs

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Spotted Ms. Sen looking fabulous in a Cavalli’esque Kaftan dress at the IIFAs… Not loving the clutch but that hardly seems to matter in the larger scheme of things! :)


Sushmita Sen At IIFA 2009, Zaia Cirque Du Soleil Show


Left: Sushmita Sen At IIFA 2009, Zaia Cirque Du Soleil Show
Right: Temperley Leopard Print Kaftan


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  1. WTH. That dress is ugly even if it is Cavelli. It looks like a muumuu.

    She need to do something about her hair.

    Otherwise it’s good to see her out and about.

  2. Love her makeup- what’s even better is that she can nail appearances just with her confidence. This one’s got one hell of a personality to accessorize!

  3. oh its sofor tall girls like her… and I am loving it.
    she carries it really well and looks stunning with that confident smile on her face

  4. dont like kaftans but wow it looks grt on sush, that leopard print looks so rich n powerful n feline n sexy all at the same time – wow!

  5. She is looking absolutely stunning… love the kaftan style… very few ppl can carry it without making it look like a night dress. I wish to see a full length picture.

  6. DIVA!!!! yep, you need personality, confidence, style, and a fabulous body structure for this dress…otherwise,on most pple, it’ll look like a big sleeping bag :-/

  7. She looks delightful…a delightful Cruella in a good way..ok now i am confused…
    She looks like Cruella but she looks good if that makes sense?

  8. not a fan or roberto cavalli, but she looks great, the fit of the dress is great. She is an interesting person, has a strong character which comes acros from the way she carries herself. very confident.

  9. She looks fabulous !!!
    There is always something about her that’s elegant and classy, though we have had her share of fashion mistakes as well in the past .. which was so heartbreaking!! Good to know the old sush is slowly coming back!!

    And seeing this pick put a wierd thought in my mind – there’s got to be a reason she won over Aishwarya to become Miss Universe. Same with Lara Dutta and Priyanka Chopra!!
    There is something very sophisticated and confident about Sush and LAra which the other two (Ash and PC) somehow lack!!

  10. sorry i may be a minority, one of my friends there said she looked like a flash back to Bold and the Beautiful…..huge and dated….

  11. i think sush lookin feb in this dress
    hey every one, one thing is there to b noticed that
    when this dress puts on henger it looking like ‘jhblu’ n too ugly but the same dress looks dem sexy on sushmita n thats called dressing sence
    n its only can sushmita in yhis bollywood


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