An Enviable Collection

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Love the Knot. And loving all three of them here. Which of Surily’s Bottega Veneta Knot collection is your favorite?

surily-goel-gold-bottega-veneta-knot-clutch.jpg surily-goel-metallic-bottega-veneta-knot-kenzo-launch.jpg

Left To Right: At Gucci Launch, At Kenzo Store Launch, At IPL Dinner

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  1. K,
    I know Surily and she comes from a very wealthy family. When she was studying in LA in 1998-99, he parents had bought her her own apartment on Wilshire boulevard..

  2. Why the hysteria about this boxy little nothing? I dont get it. It just a covered frame to carry a lipstick and a credit card in.

    While I like the non logo no bling aspect of Bottega Veneta as a design house. This hysteria is beyond comprehension.

    Its an interesting minute bag. Period.

    Also surily aint looking too hot.

  3. A classic example of someone having way too much cash to spend and still looks so miserable- guess cant buy a new face which is what the problem with all 3 looks is!!

  4. I agree with some comments above — she does seem rather self-conscious and not like someone who has oodles of wealth or is a famous fashion designer (that could be an endearing quality actually!). As far as the BV clutch –love the one that Twinkle carried the best

  5. haha.. her expressions are funny.. isnt she the one who gave Rani Mukerji the look in Tararumpum.. which was criticized so badly.. cant see the clutches so cant comment.. some ppl have so much money!

  6. someone for godsake tell her… is the best make up ever….i don’t see any point spending so much money on everything and then not carry off the look properly….i have seen her pics on HHc…and she has same expression…sorry for the outburst…


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