Stop. Please.

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Gauri Khan’s obsession with all things ‘animal-print’ just doesn’t seem to end! This latest appearance being no different.

A standard issue animal print shirt worn terribly!


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  1. I’ve never understood animal prints. especially, on clothes that feature shiny black cuffs and collars.
    and shahrukh looks cute, but that’s coz I’m blinded by my love for him.

  2. I think she IS obsessed with animal prints and she sure doesn’t look good in this one particularly because it does not mesh with the event. This was a day event that too a public one so why does she have to wear a transparant animal print?
    and why do these people have to wear sunglasses even when they’re inside? i guess they wanna stand out…very tacky!!

  3. She’s got no style, and probably has her style guru as Ivana Trump, she looks a bit dated, but then he loves her, and truly that’s all that matters. She my dearies is having the last laugh!!!


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