Spotlight: Anupama

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I recently found this line of home collection by Anupama Swaminadhan and it has the most beautiful line of cushions, fabrics, stoles etc..

The pillows are all hand-painted using vegetable and mineral dyes, and, ‘Kalamkari’ on those pillows looks so good… I especially love the more traditional design-form pieces and the ones with mythological narratives depicted on those fabrics. Because the execution is so modern even when the art-form itself is ancient and traditional, the result is quite contemporary and chic!

For more on the styles and how you can buy, go Here!

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  1. I went to their website.Great prints i must say.The collection is super.But the prices were too hish atleast for me.I knmow i have these dresses which i precious ly keep with me and they arent even priced like this They must be around 100-200$ For a pillow i felt it too high.But great innovative prints


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