Wearing The Boyfriend

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Spotted Sophie Chaudhary working the ‘boyfriend blazer’ while at ‘Kambakkht Ishq’ screening! This was a trend that was quite hot across the Spring 09 Ready-To-Wear runways and while we appreciate Ms. Chaudhary being ‘with it’, just wish she executed the look better! The top she chose to wear inside the blazer was just too overwhelming for us to appreciate anything else she had going on!


Sophie Chaudhary At ‘Kambakkht Ishq’ Screening


L To R: Stella McCartney Spring 09, DKNY Spring 09, Etro Spring 09

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. 2 questions

    1. Who wears a black blazer in summer?
    2. The blazer looks ill fitted .. Is this really the new trend? Does this mean that we can dust our 80s blazers again ?

  2. Can’t believe you girls hadn’t covered this look before (or did I miss it? :/ ), it’s so classy and so versatile. A perfect go-to staple.

    … But I do think this should be left to fashionistas and models only, a certain élan and understanding of fashion is needed to carry this off… it’s the kind of thing where you’ve to know what your doing, and why your doing it ..

  3. I think she should have ditched the blazer or worn a plain white shirt instead and ditched that top. I had seen the boyfriend jeans trend and have now seen the boyfriend blazer trend….. I wouldn’t mind if she wore her own blazer. The one on Sophie looks like something that could be spotted on just any man in town…and the sleeves folded up… just don’t seem interesting with that particular blazer.

  4. I think she looks fabulous (although I agree aobut hte top, somehting less volumnous and not up to her nack would have been better), and I LOVE her makeup!!!! I want her blush!

  5. She reminds me of Kim Kardashian in the first pic.
    For a change, she’s not in something short and tight. Different for Sophie; not bad either.

  6. @Kaya – I agree, you need certain something to be able to carry this.
    I dont think she did justice to boyfriend blazers… that jeans and tops just kills it for me. Naah…

  7. I think she looks nice, she could have worn a different top that probably would have gone better with the whole look but this works too..not the best but not bad either.

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the white stella mccartney dress with the peach blazer. LOVE IT..I’m drooling. I want it!!!!

  8. She didn’t do it justice but props to her for keeping up with the trends. She looks decent just not as wow as this look needs.

  9. a simpler pastel blouse (read deeper-neck and less volume and definitely minus the print), easy on the make-up, not so flat hair… and the look could have worked. I love the boyfriend-clothing trend. Only when done right.


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