Fab Or Drab

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We’ve always liked the fact that Soniya’s kept it fresh, unpredictable and fun… even if we don’t always agree with her sartorial choices. Having said that, what do y’all think of her recent appearances? Fab or Drab?


Soniya Mehra
Left: At Maheep Kapoor’s Valentine Collection Showcase
Centre And Right: At Araaish

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. if it were for someoneelse it wud have gone so so so wrong, but with soniya its totally different… though i won’t say the same for the maheep kapoor’s even… i think i loved the one at Araaish, she has pulled it off well !!!

  2. She has definitely got it right… different looks but she carries them well.. and oh btw this braided hairstyle (braids in any manner – sideways, buns etc etc) are becoming a rage overseas …

  3. if she hadn’t overstyled the second look with the bag and scarf, and only if she’d worn those dhoti pants with a plain ganji…that second look could’ve been suuuper cute! love her side-braid in the first pic…

    • ueah i agree with this opinion. i firat of all dnt like the concept of shiti pants, if you see it closely. its just too much to handlt at one go… OTT top, OTT shoes, OTT scraf, OTT pose.

      nah i would love everything solitary but not together,

      all i like is her smile

  4. I love both the looks-u r right-she is fresh and unpredictable. Love how she crries off both looks.. changing it up. Full marks for experimentation.. she even carries off the bag!

  5. Both looks work just fine for me. Braids add a flirty and feminine tinge to the whole look. I think she’s pulling off the scarf along with the Damier LV pretty well. The shoes are also so bang on trend! The look is definitely Fab.

  6. Love her smile. She truly has confidence to carry of these looks. On anyone else it wouldn’t have worked. Like how she’s really inspired by young hollywood. Great creating a nice sense of fashion for young Bollywood to :)

  7. The first outfit isn’t bad, but the second outfit seems to have every single trend mashed together in a horrible combination. There’s a fine line between fashionable and trend-victim, and it seems like Soniya crosses that line often.

  8. Absolutely agree with swedesh. She looks like a clown. Nothing fresh about anything she does really. Copied from young hollywood and made more tacky. Waaay more tacky.


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