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Wearing a sari, Sonam Kapoor looked lovely in Florence. We like. Also, props to her for styling her hair different each time… Beats the hell out of a universal blow-out!

P.S: Look forward to seeing what she wears to the Ferragamo front-row.

P.P.S: Will update with a full length image as soon as we come across one.

Sonam Kapoor At Palazzo Spini Feroni, Florence

Photo Credit: Facebook

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  1. she looks like a freaking beautiful old world maharani. like REALLY. just look at her. she’s so graceful. If that biopic on Maharani Gayatri Devis still being made, the makers MUST take sonam. she can carry the look off with much elan.

  2. She looks so elegant in such a transparent saree. Dont like the bump on the right in her hairstyle. But like you say, its something different. Super pretty !

  3. Oh Em GEEEEEE!!!!!! Sonam is looking SO DAMN GORGEOUSSSSSSS!!!! So elegant and classy!!! loooove the hair,the makeup,the necklace as well as the saree…..she looks beautiful!

  4. Kareena! Priyanka! Bipasha…….. Hey u all…. Just wake up n see how sonam knocks off each look….. OMG…. This girl bowls me over with her stunning dress sense…. She IS the style goddess of Bollywood!!!”what a saree n what a hairdo!!!

  5. I love how she changes it up, and wears sarees at international venues. Always keeps it interesting. Love it all, the teeny complaint is that the curls in the hairstyle are out of place.

  6. I dont like the hairdo, its kind of ruining the symmetry of her head lol … but the sari is great. Blouse could’ve used a little bit of creativity….

  7. omg. she looks perfect from head to toe. 100/100. so elegant and classy and fun also because of the hairstyle. WOW! What a sari. LOVE. :D Also, whos the sari by??

  8. Sonam’s hitting all her recent looks out of the park! Here she looks so pretty and elegant…really like! And I neeeed that sari it’s exquisite, so dream like…!

    I will nit pick though – I didn’t care much for the hairstyle…am completely with you on the different styling thing and I think she carried it off really well in all the recent looks, except here…I don’t think the final product came out as the stylist wanted—kinda flattened out/lop sided at the top when it should have been more even. Anyway like I said just being a nit pick…overall absolutely stunning!


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