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Not a big fan of the dress Sonam wore to a recent press conference. Between the print and the lilac top half of the dress, the black peplum was really jarring. Also, Sonam is one of the few who changes up her hair but this time around, the sister-wife/Big Love do paired with that dress just did not work.

Sonam Kapoor At L’Oreal And Femina Awards Press Conference

Sonam Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I heart Sonam, but this aint cutting it. It would really be interesting to see how Sonam looks in regular clothes. Would be a refreshing change actually! Tanya are u listening?

  2. I actually love the dress! The peplum isn’t jarring to me because it has the pattern at the waist, and the hair and dress are obviously channeling the 50s. I think it’s a quirky, glamorous look, and I’m all about it.

  3. i do not like the look at all because the whole look put together isn’t clicking…probably she could have tried different separates…and the hair – is it just me because her hair reminds me of Bram Stocker’s Dracula…LOL

  4. I usually lover her but Sometimes i feel she tries too hard to keep up her image of a fashionista! Would love to see her for once in something basic and simple!

    And here she looks like a character out of the real housewives series!

  5. i dont know why..but some how this look still works for me..the color looks good on her ..the makeup..ummm now thats the disappointment!! else ..i still like it..maybe coz its on ms.kapoor

  6. Sis-wife/big love….lol, cracked me up totally. As for the look, definitely a bit on the fence but I still feel somehow she is working it.

  7. The peplum is too long i think…. Shorter wud hv been better. I quite liked the dress n surprisingly hair toooo….!! I think she looks good otherwise. Cakey makeup i agree….. She has a beautiful face n wud hv looked lovely in fresh dewy kinda makeup.

  8. It would have worked had the peplum been of the same print as the skirt or atleast a softer charcoal/grey… the black looks just too stark with the rest of the colors.
    Also wish she would have skipped the dumb rose brooch at the collar!

    • She loves the old days fashion…in some interview she said the same thing that she think she looks like a 50s housewife with her ridiculous hair LOL! But that’s Sonam- some quirky looks will work some will not. P&P post the kurta-jeggings-flats with specs pics of Sonam! Why only on twitter!


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