Doing Denim

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Teaming their separates with denim jackets, roomy designer totes and sneakers, both Sonal and Deepika were photographed as they made their way in to the airport yesterday.

In this match-up, my vote’s with Deepika; her look just worked better.

Sonal Chauhan (Left) And Deepika Padukone At The Airport

Sonal Chauhan (Left) And Deepika Padukone At The Airport

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. This post just shows you how narrow and limiting the Bollywood ideal for actresses is and how damaging it is that this is all we see in our media. Pop a pair of sunglasses on them and put them in similar clothes and you would hardly be able to tell any of these tall, slender, toned, long, glossy and straight haired, symmetrically beautiful, youthfull looking women apart. Compare this to how diverse the men are: Aamir, Ajay Devgan, Hrithik, Ranveer, Ranbir, Ayushman etc. You would never confuse one for another when it comes to facial features, body type, dress sense and skin tone!

    • I think its just Sonal and Deepika who do share a similar physicality. Just take Sonam, Alia, Deepika as a sample and all three dress and look pretty different. But in general, I agree that fair skin and long, straight black hair is some uber touchstone of Bollywood feminity which never changes, never mind if a Rekha or a Bipasha give things a bit of a shake sometimes.

    • True! It’s like some reverse YJHD where Deepika’s character would take off her glasses and become sexy, here all actresses put on sunglasses and look identical. I can’t tell them apart. It’s lack of their own personality shining through. With men how ever they might be it seems more like their own sensibilities are kept intact.
      You hit the nail on the head.

  2. I don’t like the way Deepika’s sweat pants are pulled up a bit too high like a toddler’s. It needed to be a few millimeters lower for the hipster look.
    I wish she had worn cool black adidas track pants instead. For someone with the best bod in town and a fat bank account , her stylists are failing her big time.She’s got the perfect figure for cutting edge style.

  3. How are these even “looks”? They are just regular jeans, track pants, Jean jackets, sneakers with glasses and totes. Is there shortage of content that these “non-looks” are featured? Or is HHC’s content now being dictated by the PRs of Bollywood celebrities where every appearance has to be mentioned even if the fashion quotient is not noteworthy?


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