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At the launch of her next movie, Sonakshi made an appearance In Character. Being what it is, there isn’t much to comment on sartorially. She looked good.

Considering Ms. Sinha plays a Bengali woman in the movie which is set in the Fifties, we are definitely looking forward to some interesting In Character appearances!

Sonakshi Sinha At ‘Lootera’ Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. ok, i beg to differ….this look is extremely overwhelming, even on sonakshi… would have all worked out perhaps – if not for the earings which look totally out of place .. but she does look charming as always

  2. How old is she looking !!!

    …. dressing up as a bengali is not the same as just putting a red bindi….. and i am not particularly getting a bengali vibe from her, nor the 50s ….

  3. She’s so pretty! Loved the interesting hair piece (not seen in these pics) but I do wish she’d skipped some of the jewellery.. the choker possibly? Nevertheless she looks great! There aren’t a lot of girls her age who can pull off this look. Good on her!

    • omg so true!! she looks like a splitting image of Reena Roy.

      Also, I found the village belle comment offensive. Sonakshi looks like a regular indian woman in a sari, albeit a bit mature for her age.
      I love the sari but the earrings, necklace and the hair make the look dated and OTT

  4. She doesn’t look like a girl in her twenties to SOME PEOPLE because they’re so used to seeing girls in skimpy outfits. Anyway I used to not like Sonakshi but now I’m just glad we have an actress that’s popular that doesn’t look like a model and looks like a real human being (albeit a very attractive one). Rock on Sonakshi.

    • No, i completely disagree …… Yes we are used to too much skin show but that makes every traditional look all the more loved ….

      …. . I think girls look amazing in traditional sarees – vidya, rani, kajol, kareena pull off sarees beautifully …. none of them are “skinny” …. in the younger lot anushka wears her sarees well, sonam’s are usually a disaster and deepika is all about showing off her long waist …..

      The only reason i like sonakshi even a little bit is because of the fact that she does not look like a model …… but wearing a saree or being curvy is not equal to looking mature ….. Her styling is completely wrong …… She is looking old, not becuase of her waist size but simply for the fact that this particular look is aging her by at least ten years

    • i agree 100% !!!!!

      I think she looks gorgeous here !! And i think she looks her age or infact the saree looks prettier because of how she is wearing it.

  5. not feeling the “bengali” vibe, she looks more like a south indian, though…. The look is not out of world, but since it is ‘in character’ she looks sweet

  6. Teehee…I think ur right…we are so used to even old grandmas squeezing themselves into itty bitty dresses (case in point: Queenie LoL)…that we are forgetting what a chick in a nice and traditional sari looks like…

    however…the choker and earrings were a bit too much…but then again, back in the day…that’s what they all did…w.r.t jewellery

  7. she doenst look good!
    she looks too ‘powerful’ just like her dad’s looks!!
    that hair is overwhelming, that bindi too.
    she looked good only in dabang.


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