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Two lovely women with very distinct personal styles wore the Bodice by Ruchika Sachdeva top in their own way.

Though not a fan of either shoe choice, we know between the skirt and denims, what we’d pair the top with. But… Why don’t you tell us what/who would be your pick?!

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Left: Sona Mohapatra At One By Two Screening, Feb ’14
Right: Nina Manuel At Cosmopolitan Perfume Awards, Dec ’12

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  1. I’ve been seeing Sona Mohaptra on HHC for a long time and didn’t care about her fashion/or her at all. I finally heard her sing when I watched Fukre couple of days ago; she is soo talented. Now, my opinion has changed and considering how talented she is, I have to say she looks great.

  2. I adore this top. Tough to choose who looks better because they both have styled themselves well. I actually love Naina’s shoes with that skirt.

  3. Love how comfortable in their skin both women seem to be . Actually like Sona’s maroon velvet shoes & even the small red bag shes’s carrying . Black pumps or anything like that would be too boring ? Nina looks swell too .


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