A Lengthy Issue

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Oops she did it again.

Can someone tell us just why won’t Soha wear denims of the right length? Anyone?

Either the denims need to get longer, or slightly shorter so that they can legitimately be called “cropped”… this state of limbo is just unfair to the poor ol’ pair of denims. Not to mention to all those of us who actually will take an outrage at the unseemly length. :p

As for the knotted shirt and the string of pearls… Best saved for another time.


Soha Ali Khan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I like her shoes.. that is all I like. I wouldn’t mind the top.. but the hair + the pearls together (..rings grandma in my head). The length of the denims is ok I guess if she is wearing particularly nice footwear.

  2. she probably has that hair because it’s a good style to have if you are not happy with your profile ex. a long nose that you are not too fond of would not attract attention with this hair as it would if hair was styled differently.

  3. She’s actually looking OK(normally looks hideous) for a change, she needs to chop off all her hair, its very stringy/flyaway and she needs a simple shorter cut -somehow her hair never looks OK and that’s a function of not just the cut but the hair quality.

  4. She is looking different and fresh and attractive unlike several other celebrities who always end up looking like wannabes. I like everything about this look of hers.

  5. The thing with Soha that instantly occurs to me is she is classy in this world of pretense and trashy-ness. Despite all the awful work/game shows she’s succumbed to I still mange to like her because I find the classiness outshines anything else… so she looks ok.. nice. And I love the entire family…so.

  6. I swear i have seen Debra Messing wearing the exact same outfit circa 1998 or something like that in an episode of Will and Grace..i think she’s a really pretty girl and has a lot of talent but isn’t chasing after the title of a bollywood fashionista or anything…

  7. whats with that collar thing? it looks weird. and i am sick of her hair. i wish she’d get over her nose and fix her hair. now its just two eyesores instead of one!

  8. Kindly check the URL – It’s a mango top ! :) I dig the top but Soha doesn’t own this one at all, pairing something so funky with classic pearls is just bad fashion judgement! :(


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