In Anita Dongre

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For her appearance at a recent event, Shraddha picked a pastel Anita Dongre suit to wear. Bindi in place, the actor rounded out her look with jewelry from Pinkcity by Anita Dongre and a pair of matching sandals.

She looked lovely.

Shraddha Kapoor At The Wedding Junction Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. At first I thought it was a Vrinda suit. However, it’s an unusually sober Anita Dongre.

    Loved the suit on Shraddha. She looks good. I would have worn a longer bindi.

  2. Yes, a little too ‘Fair & Lovely’.
    Wish women who were ‘in the spotlight’ or idolised wouldn’t give in to such inferiority complexes :(

    • So obviously I wouldn’t have posted this if this were Alia, Kareena, Katrina et al.
      If you are a certain tone what’s to hide?

      Shraddha is not!! She was never uber dark but she was not this fair either when she started out. Whether you can notice the 2 shades difference or not is your issue.
      I’m calling out that 2 shade difference as a lot of you do on a 5 shade difference.

      I’m lighter than her so no, I’m not a complexed internet person hating on her.

  3. I am noticing a new trend on HHC n other social media platforms as wel. Earlier it was Dia Mirza, now Shraddha..even Alia n Tammanah too at times. Bashing these fair skintone women. They are naturally fair n it is not their ‘fault’ that they are fair n pretty. Fairness is not a parameter for beauty but that doesn’t mean fair complexion women can not be beautiful. These women receive compliments not because of their skin tones but because of their flawless skin (remember, fair skin is most prone to pigmentation), nice features, choice of their outfits n grace! Someone once made comment on Kareena’s post she is too pale. If the comment is made on say some ‘xyz’ person as being too dark than the commentator would outright be labelled as racist! Remember, racism doesn’t mean degrading people with dark skin tone. Real meaning of racism is degrading people from different race, caste, complexion etc. n considering yourself as superior. Bashing light skin people is also very much- racism!

    • Agree completely on all counts. When you comment on a celeb’s flawless skin(say Tammannah, Alia, Kajal, Kareena), there are a few in HHC who *think* those celebs get called such because of their light skin tone and they start to get triggered. Lol. Shows more about their perception/complex they nurse in their head. And white skin bashing has become common here. Like you mentioned, if some commentator would have called a celeb’s skin as dark, it wont even pass through moderation. The funny thing the same ones wont call out on the brown ladies (Say Kajol) who promote fairness/use truck loads of whitening on themselves. Same thing I notice on some celebs being called skinny and needing a fat burger. Just imagine calling out someone as fat & asking them to hit the gym. Lol. The comment section will be in flames.


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