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No doubts here, Bollywoodland has gotten the ‘cutout’ memo. And Shraddha was the latest to be spotted in a gown featuring one.

For a recent event, Ms. Kapoor picked an embellished Sonaakshi Raaj cutout gown, one which she wore with taupe pumps and soft wavy hair. You like?

Shraddha Kapoor In Sonaakshi Raaj At Titan Raga Event-1

Shraddha Kapoor At Titan Raga Event

Shraddha Kapoor In Sonaakshi Raaj At Titan Raga Event-2

Shraddha Kapoor At Titan Raga Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Shraddha is such a beautiful girl. This dress might have looked great in a photo shoot but maybe not the best pick for the event. Plus just look at those creases!!! One needs to carry a portable steam iron while wearing this dress!

  2. Shraddha is very pretty but not a fan of this dress one bit. I don’t know why but it reminds me of the beach and it needs some good ironing done too. She can do so much better than this dress.

  3. She is a really pretty girl but this is a terrible gown – the colour, bad fit, unflattering embellishment – all of it is a big no. She can and has been known t do much better.

  4. I think this gown is absolutely stunninggg!!!Apt for the event and it has a beautiful dreamy feel..She totally rocked in it..All thums up for the lovely outfit!

  5. Not Shraddha’s fault because she’s making the best with what she has but the gown is so poorly constructed
    If a designer must embrace the cutout thing, said designer should have the skill too
    The place where the cutout is – I would expect the dress to fit like a glove around it – not leave peekaboo little gaps
    The embellishment is ugly to say the least
    and the print (wash?) is just poor taste
    The whole thing looks like a project runway reject (early in the season)

  6. Absolutely lovely neck up – the make-up is excellent. The dress, however, is more like a nightie, I think partly due to the colour and fabric.


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